Interface File

Object containing file metadata and access information.


  • File


buffer: Buffer

MemoryStorage only: A Buffer containing the entire file.

destination: string

DiskStorage only: Directory to which this file has been uploaded.

encoding: string

Value of the Content-Transfer-Encoding header for this file.


since July 2015


RFC 7578, Section 4.7

fieldname: string

Name of the form field associated with this file.

filename: string

DiskStorage only: Name of this file within destination.

mimetype: string

Value of the Content-Type header for this file.

originalname: string

Name of the file on the uploader's computer.

path: string

DiskStorage only: Full path to the uploaded file.

size: number

Size of the file in bytes.

stream: Readable

A readable stream of this file. Only available to the _handleFile callback for custom StorageEngines.

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