Interface Config


  • Config


compilerOptions?: Record<string, unknown>

Typescript CompilerOptions to be used during generation



controllerPathGlobs?: string[]

An array of path globs that point to your route controllers that you would like to have tsoa include.

entryFile: string

The entry point to your API

ignore?: string[]

Directories to ignore during TypeScript metadata scan

multerOpts?: Options

Multer's options to generate multer's middleware. It doesn't support storage option


* "dest": "/tmp"
* } Allow multer to write to file instead of using Memory's buffer
noImplicitAdditionalProperties?: "ignore" | "throw-on-extras" | "silently-remove-extras"

Modes that allow you to prevent input data from entering into your API. This will document your decision in the swagger.yaml and it will turn on excess-property validation (at runtime) in your routes.

routes: RoutesConfig

Route generation configuration object

spec: SpecConfig

Swagger generation configuration object

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